Executive Recruitment

Senior team

The OfS leadership team is responsible for delivering our objectives and business plan.

Nicola Dandridge is chief executive of the OfS. She is responsible for delivering the strategy set by the board, and ensuring that the OfS operates efficiently and effectively. She is an executive member of the OfS board.

Chris Millward is the director of fair access and participation. His role is to ensure that universities and colleges are doing all they can to support underrepresented groups to access and succeed in higher education. Chris is an executive member of the OfS board.

Trish Archer is director of organisational development and human resources, and leaves the OfS in January 2019. The new Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development will take on some of the responsibilities of Trish’s current role.

Yvonne Hawkins, director of teaching excellence and student experience, is responsible for the OfS’ work on teaching and learning (including the Teaching Excellence Framework), student welfare and safeguarding, and student protection and provider market exit strategies. She also leads on value for money and student engagement.

Susan Lapworth is director of competition and the register. She is responsible for regulation and the OfS register, market entry, quality and development of the regulatory framework.

Richard Puttock is head of data, foresight and analysis. He oversees the OfS’ data and analysis work, including management information, data assurance, and sector financial analysis.

Conor Ryan, director of external relations (joining OfS in May 2018), is responsible for stakeholder engagement, communications, the student panel and student information.

Nolan Smith is director of resources, finance and transformation. He oversees a range of OfS corporate services, including finance, HR & OD, governance, knowledge and information management, IT and legal services.

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